Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have discovered my love for Sarah Dessen books. I've only read 2 but i've heard the rest are very good as well. They have amazing messages and you can completely relate to the main character. I read "This lullaby" first and i REALLY LIKED IT. I don't really remember the name of the main character but i do know that i will always remember Dexter's name. 4-6 years in the future and i probably will still tell you that the name of the tall dorky singer with red hair in "this lullaby" was Dexter. Probably like i will never forget Edward Cullen's name. Or the name Carlisle(I LOVE THAT NAME!) or Jasper. I'm Started Reading "Just Listen" this morning on my way to church and i think that it is amazing.

My best friend told me that she hated breaking dawn. I LOVED IT. I personally still read the last part of the book over and over again, and I've taken a serious liking to the character Kate. So far, she is one of my favorite characters in breaking dawn, i also like Benjamin. Who wouldn't love to control the elements? I remember being little and acting like i could control the elements. BUT WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL??? but yes, I LIKE BREAKING DAWN! I've read reviews saying that nobody can relate to bella anymore because she's now married, is a mother, AND a vampire at 18. but why can't you still relate to her? she's the same person to me, and i can still understand what she's saying when she's a vampire!

When i was at my friends house, she told me what she expected of breaking dawn. Her version was hilarious but it put a damper on it when she killed jasper. WHY JASPER! Couldn't she kill paul? that would have been sad, but better than jasper. . . AND THEN MY MOM CAME. My mom, friend and her mother sat outside and talked about how Robert Pattinson is ugly and a terrible edward, IN FRONT OF ME! A ROBERT PATTINSON FAN! They thought it was funny. . .

I Found out that i could play softball today. I hit the ball a lot, it was exiting! but our team lost because almost everyone on the other team was shorter than the paster. . . ARGH!