Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have discovered my love for Sarah Dessen books. I've only read 2 but i've heard the rest are very good as well. They have amazing messages and you can completely relate to the main character. I read "This lullaby" first and i REALLY LIKED IT. I don't really remember the name of the main character but i do know that i will always remember Dexter's name. 4-6 years in the future and i probably will still tell you that the name of the tall dorky singer with red hair in "this lullaby" was Dexter. Probably like i will never forget Edward Cullen's name. Or the name Carlisle(I LOVE THAT NAME!) or Jasper. I'm Started Reading "Just Listen" this morning on my way to church and i think that it is amazing.

My best friend told me that she hated breaking dawn. I LOVED IT. I personally still read the last part of the book over and over again, and I've taken a serious liking to the character Kate. So far, she is one of my favorite characters in breaking dawn, i also like Benjamin. Who wouldn't love to control the elements? I remember being little and acting like i could control the elements. BUT WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL??? but yes, I LIKE BREAKING DAWN! I've read reviews saying that nobody can relate to bella anymore because she's now married, is a mother, AND a vampire at 18. but why can't you still relate to her? she's the same person to me, and i can still understand what she's saying when she's a vampire!

When i was at my friends house, she told me what she expected of breaking dawn. Her version was hilarious but it put a damper on it when she killed jasper. WHY JASPER! Couldn't she kill paul? that would have been sad, but better than jasper. . . AND THEN MY MOM CAME. My mom, friend and her mother sat outside and talked about how Robert Pattinson is ugly and a terrible edward, IN FRONT OF ME! A ROBERT PATTINSON FAN! They thought it was funny. . .

I Found out that i could play softball today. I hit the ball a lot, it was exiting! but our team lost because almost everyone on the other team was shorter than the paster. . . ARGH!


OneCoolNerd said...

Robert Pattinson is ugly!

And I appreciate your saying that my name is "my best friend", not "Alyson". Thank you very much m'dear.

Wendy said...

You make me laugh... but sadly, Josh can't read your blog until he reads breaking dawn. Maybe that will motivate him ;-) Thanks for sharing!