Monday, July 14, 2008

My boring amazingly Hot/weird day

The Day:

1. Woke up to my non-weirdly hyper brother.

2. Ate a bowl of granola and a banana.

3. Drove to our church to drop off brother for camp, and to help with VBS.

4. Got both of my youth ministers to read twilight.

5. Helped with VBS, the only exiting thing about it was running projection.

6. Left Church.

7. Slept.

8. Cleaned out garage for garage sale.

9. Ate hot dog for dinner.

10. Found out about an awesome new still from twilight

11. Started the second summer of the sisterhood.

12. Watched Sahara.

13. Typed this out.

Isn't that amazing? VBS is cool. who doesn't love little kids songs about gods fruit? Yeah, its midnight and i really want to get some sleep. BYE!

xoxoxo Jayce*Lane

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