Friday, July 11, 2008

Entertainment Weekly

This post will be about The Entertainment Weekly cover and other photos. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're crazy or blind.

Can i say WOW!?! I was so shocked when i saw the cover! It caught my attention that's for sure.
My problems with The cover are that:
  • Kristen Stewart is indeed gorgeous, but she doesn't look like Bella! Bella is not supposed to be one of those "HOLY CARLISLE WHO IS THAT?!?" type of girl.
  • Can i ask who styled Robert's hair? HAVE THEM FIRED! I do never seen a man with his hair obviously curled. Poor Edward.
  • The photoshop has to go! I probably would have liked the cover much better!
  • Would you catch Bella in that dress?
  • Roberts ugly. i can't lie with that picture. . . yuck.

The parts of the cover that make me SMILE!:

But other than that, Its AMAZING!

Have you visited the Entertainment Weekly website? you should! They have some amazing articles about twilight and Stephanie Meyer there.

HOT!!!!!!! MUCH BETTER THAN THE AMAZING COVER BUT THOSE ARE, ARE AMAZING! On the first picture, wow! Edward always seems to have his arms on Bella. And Everyone was totally in character! James and Victoria look mean and JACOB IS TOTALLY CUTE! And the second picture was COOL! It looks like they are having buckets of water being dumped on their heads, but i can live with that because the photo is STILL AMAZING. A i can't really expect for Robert Pattinson to pull off another "adrenaline rush" so of course he looks like he's struggling not to drop her on her head, Its probably harder when they are wet.

Another thing, I noticed how rude us "Twi-hards" are becoming. If something is not to most people's liking, they post RUDE comments to and about other people. Just look at the comments you see on the twilight Tuesday articles at GET REAL PEOPLE! How would you like it if Larry didn't post any news about twilight at all!
I would threaten to stop posting information and updates if i got comments like that. What is bad is that half these rude posters could be ADULTS! I just have to say that you people should B-E-H-A-V-E and show R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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