Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New blog and volleyball

So yeah, I actually started this blog because i am reading A LOT of blogs lately and i have almost nothing to do over the summer. The only thing i have to do right now is summer volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays, YAY!

Blogs that i read include:
  1. onecoolnerd
  2. Shy Boys Win

Anyway, I had volleyball yesterday and it was very confusing. I walked into the gym a little late and they stuck me on the court in my usual position as Middle Front Blocker, the only problem was that i haven't played volleyball since the last game of last season. CAN I SAY CONFUSION!?!?!?!

My remembered mistakes are:
  1. I missed my serves
  2. I had to really remember the original positions. .
  3. I Missed a couple blocks
  4. I Didn't approach my hit with the normal approach hits, i just ran and smacked it over.
But that was just the first match of the game, I came back on the floor with fierce determination to prove myself to the coaches that i could Block, Spike and recover the ball. And let me tell you that i hustled more than half of that team. YAY!
I had another GAME an hour later, but when i showed up, there were only six players. I STAYED ON THE WHOLE ENTIRE GAME!!!!!!!! but at least i made my serves and blocked a lot. After those 3 matches, I stayed to help another team play because they didn't have enough players. thats a total of 9 matches in 4 hours. From what i have heard my family, i played excellent in front row and back row, i actually hustled, and the the coaches didn't expect that to come from ME. YAY!!!!!!

I'll post later,

~ A silly girl who is reassuring readers that don't exist. . . yet ~

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