Monday, November 3, 2008

Life is complicated. I'm not much of the type of girl who will flirt, so how do i let a guy know i'm seriously interested in him? My problem is that the guy a like has a girlfriend. This girlfriend treats him like crap. And I can tell that he is Unhappy. I think that the only reason he stays with her is because "she gives him what he wants"(A.K.A She's a slut) I watched her get him upset almost a billion times during homecoming, and her was to a solution is kissing him and dancing around. ARGH! Whats wrong with me?? ?I just don't get it. But i have to admit, watching him try to learn the electric slide is HILARIOS! HAHA!

My first performance for my play is on friday. WOOT! I'm totally stoked. If i could ever be on Broadway, i would. I LOVES IT!!

Anything else you might say? I have a headache. I have some sort of report due tomorrow. Crap. It's a collage, and i have half of my pictures. My GPA dropped way below what i wanted it to, and i am working on restoring it. And TWILIGHT COMES OUT IN 16 DAYS!!! WOOT! HAHA. The paramore music video was awsome.

I really need an I-Pod. Seriously. Bad. I'm going to use all of my christmas money (If i get any. . stupid money problems) to get one. TWILGHT SOUNDTRACK RELEASE TOMORROW!

See ya,

~~*A silly girl who says goodbye to invisible people and who has a headache*~~

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