Wednesday, July 9, 2008

72 Random things about ME!

1. I can never remember my favorite flowers name.

2. I have a cat that is more like a dog than a cat; I keep waiting for her to bark.

3. I have brown hair

4. I was extremely chunky as a baby.

5. I want to be an Actress.

6. Being a Director is next in line on my list of careers.

7. I want to visit the UK when I am older.

8. I would move to LA or New York in a heartbeat if I had the money.

9. I love all my friends.

10. I have lived in the states Washington, California, and Idaho.

11. My family is weird

12. My favorite sport is volleyball

13. I have been told that I look like the actress Mandy Moore many times.

14. I have also been told that I look like the actress Kay Panabaker many MORE times.

15. I am very confused at which person I look like.

16. I love my brother, but I hate him at the same time . . . we make it work.


18. Cinderella is my favorite princess.

19. My room is a funny shade of blue.

20. I have a Border collie

21. I have two horses.

22. I had a bird until a couple of months ago.

23. My bird was around 24 years old.

24. My Brown tabby Cat chases Paper Balls.

25. Most boys make me nervous.

26. My best friend and I have a obsession with twilight.

27. I am a Robert Pattinson Fan!

28. I think Taylor Lautner is Hot

29. Robert P. and Steven Strait are my Edward and Jacob.

30. I literally stopped breathing when I saw the twilight trailer.

31. I LOVE to mess around on Photoshop.

32. I can tell you most of the cast by heart.

33. I thought Gregory Tyree Boyce’s real name was Tyler.

34. I sleep better in winter.

35. I have never stayed in a school district longer than 4 years.

36. In the last 6 Years, I have gone to 4 different school districts.

37. I have gone to 5 different schools in my life.

38. I like to steal M&M’s from the candy dispenser at my friends’ house.

39. I LOVE Big Train blended mochas

40. I have a black Kyocera for a cell phone

41. I entered the Breaking Dawn Concert Series Sweepstakes

42. I want to be a vampire in future twilight movies.

43. I cleaned beneath my couch the other day and found out that my cat had stashed around 25 paper balls underneath it.

44. Clowns are a little weird, I don’t like being able to see their faces.

45. Watching a Numbers episode that had a kidnapper disguised as a clown did NOT help the Clown situation.

46. I choked on a hot dog at Costco when I was younger, but it wasn't one of those "pass out and people freak out" choking times, i just couldn't swallow and i had a hard time breathing. I coughed it out with my daddy’s help.

47. for a long time I hated hotdogs.

48. I will now eat hotdogs willingly.

49. I can come up with amazing stories/movies in my head but I have a hard time putting them on paper.

50. My favorite Character in the host is Jared. But I also love Ian.

51. I read a lot, but it has to be interesting, if its not, I “lose” it and start another.

52. I want to meet Stephanie Meyer.

53. I can’t wait to meet god.

54. Every once in a while I question my faith.

55. I am very freaked out because when I started questioning my faith my cat got a sticky-note on her foot that had the lyrics to a Christian song.

56. I am still freaked out because my cat also started playing with a paper that said “Seek the lord and his Strength; seek his face continually. Psalm 105:4

57. I check my email almost 3 times a day.

58. I have hazel eyes but they are usually turn green.

59. If I wear my blue colored contacts they turn my eyes turn a brighter green.

60. My first celeb crush was Billy Gilman

61. I am confused at who my current Celeb crush is.

62. I am very tall, 5’9 ½” last checked

63. I am apparently the biggest “sweetheart” in more than one group.

64. I am a Republican, but I hate politics because I hate fighting with friends.

65. I almost cried on a mission trip because of stupid politics.

66. I have been mistaken for a mother MORE THAT I WANT TO.

67. I had my two infant/toddler cousins live with us for 5 months.

68. My cousin called me mommy for a couple months because I resemble and sound like my aunt.

69. I want to name my one of my future sons Carlisle.

70. I only have 13 contacts on my cell-phone.

71. I believe god will take care of me.

72. I have a crush on a currently taken older boy. DANG.

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